Q: Is there any cost to me?
Absolutely none. We will provide you with printed materials (if needed) and everything else you need to promote this. You do not have to pay for anything.

Q: What do I have to do?
A: Once you’ve confirmed your participation on the Give & Grow program, you just have to promote this deal to your groups’ parents/members/friends/family/co-workers/colleagues – whoever! Remember to ensure that your group members/parents promote to their networks too! It can be as successful as you want it to be. If you promote the heck out of it, the more bags people will order using your code, and the more money you get for your group.

Q: Is this too good to be true?
A: No! We promise this is a totally legitimate offer. We want to help out members of our community with the fundraising efforts, this is our way to give back.

Q: Does my group get the full $10 from every bag that is purchased using my code?
A: Yes, they do! Once all the bags are redeemed, we will cut your group a cheque for $10 per bag. So, if your coupon code resulted in 50 bags sold, you will get $500. It’s that easy.

Q: What if my contacts receive their own discount codes in the mail too?
A: They can totally take advantage of any sale offer they receive. But it’s important that your contacts use the $5 discount code YOU provided to them, otherwise the donation will not be matched to your group. They cannot use more than one $5 discount code.

Q: When do we get the cheque?
A: We will cut the cheque for your group at the end of our regular season. You should expect to receive your donation payment in the first week of July. Note: if you require a specific name/organization on the cheque, please let us know upfront.

Q: How will I know how many donations our group is getting?
A: At the end of each month (April, May & June) we will send you a quick note that outlines how many donations you have to date.

Q: What’s the catch?
A: There is no catch – if you want to raise money for your group, you simply promote this program (and your unique code) & wait for the donations to come. The more you promote, the more successful it will be for you.

Q: One of my contacts has already placed an order, are they still use our code?
A: If someone has ordered a bag that has not yet been delivered, they can still use your code. They will need to give us a call with their order number & have your code handy, and we will make that change. This cannot be done for orders that have already been delivered.

Q: How long does the program run for?
A: As the majority of gardening happens in Spring, the program has a soft end date of June 30th. At this time, we will tally up the number of times your code was used and mail your cheque. However, it is important to note that your code is still valid until the end of the season, usually mid October. If your code is used between July 1st and the end of the season, we will mail out another cheque for the amount raised by the end of the year.

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